How to Lower your Health Insurance Premiums

How to Lower your Health Insurance Premiums

There are ways that you can lower your health insurance premiums and save money on health insurance.

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Stop Smoking

If you are a smoker then you need to quit, as you will be able to save quite a bit of money on health insurance. Health insurance premiums on health insurance exchanges can be up to 50% higher for smokers even if you have never been diagnosed with a smoking related illness.

Apply for a Subsidy

If you do not have affordable employer based health insurance you are able to apply for a government subsidy to lower your health insurance premiums.

Premium Tax Credit is a subsidy that pays part of the monthly premium for your health insurance. As you will only be paying a portion of the premium you will save money.

More Restrictive Health Plan

The more restrictive your health plan is then the lower the premium will be. A restrictive plan has more rules about how you are able to get your health care and who provides it.

Plans with Higher Cost Sharing

The higher a health plans cost sharing requirements are then the lower the plans premiums will be. Choosing a plan that has higher coinsurance, deductible, rates or copays will usually lower the premiums.


Health insurance companies are able to vary their premiums due to where you live. However, you may not have to move across the country to find a lower a health insurance premium as in some cases just moving a few miles can make the difference.

Moving will not be practical for most and for others the cost of moving will wipe out any savings from health insurance premiums, but if you are in an expensive part moving to a lower cost area could save you money.

Weigh Spousal & Family Plan Options if Someone in Your Family has Job Based Insurance

If you are married and your spouse has health insurance through their job then see how much it will be to add yourself to their plan.

If you are under 26 years old then see what it would cost to be added to your parents plan.

Buying a family plan is less expensive than buying individual plans, but keep in mind that employers offer all sorts of combinations now so you will need to compare all of your options.

If you would like to know more about medical insurance, head to FinanceMan.



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